Александр Дюков (a_dyukov) wrote,
Александр Дюков

Штрихи к моему портрету

Игорь Курляндский пишет обо мне в рукопожатном стиле: "грязно-пакостливый и на удивление мразоточивый А. Дюков".

Мудакофф и самосвят Якунин, конечно, обо мне писали круче, но и это неплохо.

Заходите еще, гр. Курляндский, я вам всегда рад :)

Да, и по поводу русофобии американской гражданки Ланы Питерс - ее собственные слова:

"Well, she says, when I remark on her appearance, she has been here so long that she feels American.

She likes American food, particularly hamburgers, watches American films (though never TV), and prefers to speak her adopted language. She even thinks and dreams in it.

Contrast this with her contempt for Russia, and all things Russian.

‘I ran away from Russia because somehow they have two governments,’ she says with heavy irony.

‘There is the official government and then there is the secret police, which was started by Lenin and continued by everybody else. Even now we have a head of government who is a former spy: Mr Putin. I have no time for him.

‘I have had American citizenship for 30 years — and my daughter was born here — but they (the Russian authorities) still won’t recognise that. They still want to think of me as Russian.

‘And I hate them! I hate the Russian language! We aren’t Russian, you see. We are Georgian.’"
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